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My Study Notes Author & Researcher Year Finished
Macroeconomics Notes Yiqiao Yin May 2016
Probability Theory
Introduction to Probability and Statistics Yiqiao Yin Jan. 2017
Introduction to Probability Theory Yiqiao Yin Jul. 2017
Probability Theory (Graduate Level) Yiqiao Yin Dec. 2017
Statistics and Inference
Intro to Statistical Reasoning Yiqiao Yin Apr. 2018
Linear Regression Model Yiqiao Yin Dec. 2018
Statistical Inference Yiqiao Yin Jan. 2017
Time Series Analysis Yiqiao Yin Jan. 2017
Scientific Computing and Data Science Yiqiao Yin Jun. 2017
Statistical Machine Learning Yiqiao Yin Jun. 2017
Multivariate Statistical Inference Yiqiao Yin May 2018
Applied Statistics
Deep Learning Notes (Graduate Level) Yiqiao Yin Dec. 2017
Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning Notes Yiqiao Yin Jun. 2017
Partial Differential Equation (Undergrad) Yiqiao Yin May 2018
Modern Analysis (Real Analysis) Yiqiao Yin Jan. 2017
Complex Analysis and Riemann Surface Yiqiao Yin Jan. 2017
Asset Pricing
Asset Pricing (Graduate) John H. Cochrane 2001